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Ready to SURF with us? If you're currently a customer or tenant of BCHA, we're here to help you have your say - and much more.

SURF meets formally every week at the group's own premises in Boscombe and we're made up of people from all kinds of backgrounds, experiences and services across the organisation.


We exist firstly to look at all the services within BCHA and give real feedback. Our vision is to have service user input at every level of the organisation, to make a difference to people's experience here, when they come looking for help. In fact, without us, BCHA can't do its job properly.


But we also exist for another good reason - fun and friendship, sharing time, sharing stories. And we have a year-round itinery of events, socials and trips.


So whoever you are, don't just sit there - get involved. Click to any of the links here to find out more or to get in touch.


Click here to read about SURF Summer event 2010

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Events, visits and plans
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Some of our achievements
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SURF's history
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Who we are
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