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We are committed to delivering outstanding services

Achieving value for money is a key objective for any business, no less so for organisations with a social mission such as BCHA.

Each year we publish a Value for Money Statement for our stakeholders - residents, lenders, commissioners, local authorities and other statutory partners and regulators. These statements aim to illustrate our continuing journey to delivering value for money across all areas of our activity within the context of our Business Plan.  

Value for Money has no single definition, and some would say no simple definition. However, the main elements are clear to our Board and we have chosen to define the term as follows:

“Achieving the optimum level of social and business results to the complete satisfaction of residents and commissioning partners within the resources we have available.”

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Whilst we face many challenges ahead in delivering our business objectives, we remain committed to providing outstanding service to people. This commitment cannot, of course, be achieved without us improving our understanding of what drives value in relation to what we do, nor without constant reflection of the reason BCHA exists in the first place - to help people who are homeless and vulnerable.

Click here to read our 2016/2017 Value for Money Statement.

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