Giving Notice

If you are living within a BCHA property and would like to move out, then contact your Housing Officer or Support Worker. It is important that you give us your notice in writing at least four full weeks before you plan to move out.

If you leave without giving enough notice, we may charge you rent up to the end of the notice period of four weeks. If you leave your property and do not tell us, if we believe that you will not return, then we can serve notice to you to end your tenancy/license with us.

During your notice period we will arrange to inspect the property to see what repairs or decorations need doing. Fair wear and tear of a property is only to be expected, but if you leave rubbish or unwanted items behind, or if you leave your home dirty, damaged or badly decorated, then we will charge you for the cost we incur to put this right.

Things to do before you move:

  • Send us your letter telling us the date you are moving out and where you’re moving to
  • Inform Housing Benefits/Council Tax that you are moving
  • Arrange for your telephone to be disconnected
  • Inform your GP, Social Worker, Bank and anyone else who sends you letters or regular bills
  • Pay off any rent or licence arrears
  • Arrange removal of your furniture, and book an appointment with your local Council to take away any large items of rubbish

Things to do on the day you move:

  • Bag up any rubbish and place it in the dustbin
  • Read the Gas and Electricity meters
  • Make sure that you’ve not left anything behind
  • Return your keys to BCHA by 12 noon. You may be charged if you fail to return your keys on time

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