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BCHA at the Smart Buildings Show, October 2021

Early in 2020, BCHA took its first steps into the brave new world of IoT - the “Internet of Things”.

IoT covers many things, from the Alexa device you use as an alarm clock, to a fridge that can automatically re-order groceries every time you eat something.

There is a vast range of IoT devices and modules that can monitor conditions or events that are useful in managing homes and other buildings. BCHA chose to partner with Dorset-based company, Daizy to understand the opportunities, advantages, effort involved and cost of this technology and how we might use it to improve the service we offer our customers.

Despite the difficulties that the pandemic has brought to our sector, BCHA is ahead of many other housing associations in using this technology and recently, I had the opportunity to co-present about our IoT experience at the Smart Buildings Show at ExCel in London, along with Nick Gyles, Daizy’s Chief Product Officer.

A small but enthusiastic audience heard about the progress BCHA has made with IoT devices using Daizy’s end-to-end platform along with the some of the lessons we’ve learned in the last year.

We have demonstrated the value of Legionella monitoring in our communal water supplies: we’ve enhanced the quality of our recorded data and reduced the cost of achieving compliance in the future. This is a great start.

With this success to encourage us, in the coming months, we plan to explore more IoT devices to collect different data, save costs and improve conditions for our customers. IoT has a lot to offer the housing sector and I hope BCHA will continue to lead the way by exploring and investing in the advantages it can bring.

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