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BCHA Bchangemakers Awards 2021 celebrate excellence, resilience and teamwork

The Bchangemakers Awards 2021 were an inspirational celebration of the achievements and commitment of our colleagues and customers and the values which hold fast across BCHA.

An incredible 613 nominations were made in 12 categories in this year’s awards.

These accolades recognise our deserving colleagues who have been nominated by their peers - and also remember the very people whom inspire the work of BCHA.

The event was livestreamed at centres across BCHA and presented at The Factory in Poole by the BCHA’s own ‘host with the most’ Rob Marsden.

Customer Engagement Lead Victoria Kate, launched proceedings by announcing the winners of the three Customer Engagement Challenge awards – outstanding and innovative projects pitched by colleagues and their customers to make improvements to their services.

The first prize of £250 went to 28 Church Street in Dorchester and its innovative plans to create a garden space and seated area with an eye-catching mural.

The £500 prize was a very closely fought award, with congratulations going to Millennium House in Poole, which won with its bid to provide a covered, therapeutic space in their outdoor area.

The £2000 award left judges deadlocked between two pitches. So, after much deliberation the prize was split between a café/social club which promotes personal wellbeing, meaningful activities and community engagement at Gabriel House in Exeter and Poole Refuge, which will be installing a multi-purpose entertainment system for its families.

The guest speaker at this year’s Bchangemaker Awards was the Chief Operations Officer for Bournemouth Town Centre Bid, Paul Kinvig.

Paul said: “It’s a real joy and privilege to be involved with the Bchangemaker awards today. I have been lucky to witness the work of BCHA for some years and I hold its incredible work in helping and supporting people very dear.”

He added: “A caring philosophy underpins everything you do and today of all days it’s important to value and cherish each other and celebrate your wonderful work.

“Congratulations to all our Bchangemakers Awards nominees and winners and to everyone across the organisation who are making the BCHA experience amazing for customers.”

Announcing the winners of the first three awards, Caroline Moylan, Director of Homelessness, Health and Wellbeing, said: “Reading through the nominations it was great to see how we value the work of others and the difference it makes when someone takes the time to say: “thank you”. It’s also a welcome reminder of how important it is for us all to support each other.”

The Inspiring Change award went to two winners: Carla Pierini (Senior Practitioner at the Housing Information Signposting Support Service) and Donna Cronshey (Service Manager at Yeovil Pathways).

Donna said: “I’m honoured to receive the recognition for inspiring change, especially in a short space of time. Myself and the team will continue to endeavour to facilitate positive change within our project.”

The Moved a Mountain award was also won jointly, by Joe Mansell (Night Intensive Housing Practitioner for Exeter and Yeovil) and Faith Shimongola (Support Worker at Bournemouth Refuge).

Faith said: “I am honoured to be given this award. Unfortunately, information is not readily available on the Home Office Concession for victims of abuse and most services are not aware of how to access the appropriate support and instead put up further barriers.  At our service, we are actively seeking to remove this barrier and will engage other services for support in providing an inclusive service to all women regardless. I would like to thank my team and manager for their immense support.”

The Compassion award went to Becky Spain (HR) and Cy Lacey (Support Worker at St Pauls).

Becky said: “Receiving recognition from your colleagues and knowing this is how you are perceived is incredibly rewarding.

“Thank you to all those that gave their time and consideration in putting forward their nominations, not just for me but for all colleagues. It means a great deal and I’d like to offer a sincere and heartfelt thank you.”

Cy agreed: "I’m incredibly grateful to all the people who took the time to nominate me. It is very humbling to be recognised in this area of my work."

Martin Lucas, Director of Finance and Corporate Service presented three awards to colleagues and teams providing valuable services to others.

He said: “The number of nominations for these awards demonstrate the huge value of our many teams and their outstanding work.

“The Breaking Barriers award is given to an individual or team exceeding expectations and making a real impact on other peoples’ lives. This award received 59 nominations of people going above and beyond, including teams who have stepped in to help colleagues and other teams, while already going above and beyond themselves. These winners are an inspiration to us all.”

The two winners of the Breaking Barriers award were Yeovil Pathways Team and Bournemouth Refuge Team.

The Shining Star award recognises a person or team encouraging others to make a positive change by being a role model.

The category received 66 nominations and the winners were Michelle Lewis (Coordinator in Change, Transformation and Growth) and Sam Watt (Development Officer).

Sam said: “I’m surprised and delighted to have been awarded a Shining Star award. Thank you to everyone for being so welcoming and helpful during my first year and especially for the help and encouragement of Natasha Callaway and Colin Salisman in the Development team.”

The Endeavour award this year recognised a team which has triumphed with positivity through Covid.

There were 53 nominations, but the award went to Denley House who have come together and remained focused on building better lives during this testing time.

Hony Premlal, Director of Customer, Homes & Tenancy announced the Best Team, Motivational and Valiant Volunteer award winners.

She said: “I would like to say thanks to everyone who is working hard to making a difference to people’s lives.

“The Team award attracted a large number of nominations – 48 to be exact! – and the winning team works incredibly hard, has huge commitment and collaborates with every area of the business to support it – they are the Community Front Rooms and Recovery Houses Team.”

The Motivational Leader award attracted an incredible 73 nominations, but Nicola Greenfield (Head of Service, Homelessness, Health and Wellbeing) triumphed as winner.

Hony continued: “The Valiant Volunteer award is a very special award as it represents what all our wonderful volunteers mean to us. I am extremely pleased to announce our winner is V!”

Laura Jump, Director of Change, Transformation & Growth presented the final three awards.

She said: “The Noble Newcomer is a fun award where we celebrate new people who have come into the organisation and have hit the ground running.

“It’s been a strange year and coming into the organisation must have been difficult. But our many nominees have brought new skills and made a really positive impact. So many so in fact, that we have three winners in this category: Paige Hutchings (Engagement Officer in Employability and Skills), Victoria Kate (Customer Engagement Lead) and Donna Kerswell (Complex Needs Support Worker at George House).

Paige said: “I am someone who has always doubted my abilities in work and during my education, so this award is a boost to my confidence and self-esteem, as my colleagues are seeing how much work I’m putting in and believe I’m doing a good job.”

Laura added: “The Innovative Influencer award has gone to someone who almost everyone will know and whom has been innovative, but more importantly has encouraged others to be innovative too - Daryl Gibbins.”

Daryl said: “This was an unexpected award. Thanks to the colleagues that took the time to vote for/nominate me. It means a lot coming from my peers.”

The final award - for Personal Growth – is given to those who have used a skill or qualification to add real value to the organisation in the last 12 months.

This year the award was given to two winners: Hannah Brightman (Senior Practitioner at Lansdowne Gardens and Dorset Lodge) and Irwin Edgehill of Ignite.

Hannah said: “I feel really honoured to have won an award in personal growth. To have been recognised for my development and hard work over the last year, really is priceless. This has inspired me to continue to progress and grow, both personally and professionally.”

Laura Jump continued: “Thank you to everyone who has tuned in and listened to the awards this year.

“Let’s continue this feeling of recognition and gratitude all year and even if you haven’t won, please be sure that all the nominees have won our hearts and minds.”

Closing the awards, BCHA CEO Martin Hancock said: “It’s so motivational to hear the stories of our colleagues lifting the barriers in all they do.

“We are all members of small teams, but we collaborate to bring about change and the last 18 months have demonstrated just how well we have expanded and developed relationships, both internally and externally.”

He continued: “The number of people we have an impact on is incredible; We house 2300 different households, and last year 1284 individuals received support through our CFRs. We also contacted 906 people through our domestic abuse outreach - We are touching the lives of close to 10,000 people each year – and some of you are actually saving lives.

“I really want to thank you all for the continued commitment, compassion resilience and creativity you show through your work every day.”

The full list of 2021 Bchangemakers Award winners

Inspiring Change - Carla Pierini (Senior Practitioner at Housing Information Signposting Support Service) and Donna Cronshey (Service Manager at Yeovil Pathways)

Moved a Mountain - Joe Mansell (Night Intensive Housing Practitioner for Exeter and Yeovil) and Faith Shimongola (Support Worker at Bournemouth Refuge)

Compassion - Rebecca Spain (HR) and Cy Lacey (Support Worker at St Pauls)

Breaking Barriers - Yeovil Pathways Team and Bournemouth Refuge Team

Shining Star - Michelle Lewis (Coordinator in Change, Transformation and Growth) and Sam Watt (Development Officer)

Endeavour - The Denley House Team

Team - Community Front Rooms and Recovery Houses Team

Motivational Leader - Nicola Greenfield (Head of Service, Homelessness, Health and Wellbeing)

Valiant Volunteer - Victor 

Innovative Influencer - Daryl Gibbins (Business Support Services Manager at The Factory)

Noble Newcomer - Paige Hutchings (Engagement Officer in Employability and Skills), Victoria Kate (Customer Engagement Lead) and Donna Kerswell (Complex Needs Support Worker at George House)

Personal Growth - Hannah Brightman (Senior Practitioner at Lansdowne Gardens and Dorset Lodge) and Irwin Edgehill (Ignite)

Customer Engagement Challenge winners

£250 - 28 Church Street

£500 - Millennium House

£2,000 to be shared equally between Poole Refuge and Gabriel House in Exeter

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