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BCHA holds its first Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Forum

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A new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) initiative has been launched by BCHA, which aims to promote equality, diversity and inclusion for all its staff and customers.

The first ED&I forum took place virtually on 14 January 2020 and was attended by staff members from across the business, as well as board member, Gerry Moore and a BCHA customer.

Gerry Moore started the meeting by explaining that the 12 BCHA board members work closely with the executive team, to provide good governance and working practices. 

With her background in Children’s social work and long involvement in promoting inclusions, Gerry is ideally placed to be involved in this important initiative. She has offered her knowledge and support to the project and will help BCHA continue its work to make equality, diversity and inclusion pivotal to the business.   

Director of Customer, Homes & Tenancy Services, Hony Premlal emphasised that BCHA is committed to ED&I and eliminating all forms of discrimination:

“I am extremely excited about this initiative and I was delighted to welcome the wide range of volunteers who joined the first session. Their experiences and expectations for future sessions of the forum will help form a strong platform from which we can proceed. This is an opportunity for BCHA to be a better organisation, with everyone working together, with more focus in this area. I’d like to thank everyone who attended and contributed to our inaugural forum.”

BCHA board member Gerry Moore, said:

“I am delighted to be part of BCHA's Equality Diversity and Inclusion Forum. The whole BCHA Board offer their full backing to this important initiative and I personally am committed to giving the support and advice needed to help make the changes, which we want to see put in place. It was heartening to experience such positivity and energy from all those staff and customers from across BCHA who attended our first meeting and hearing their stories and motivation for getting involved. Together we can hold a mirror up to ourselves and ensure that BCHA delivers equality and inclusion in action.”

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