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BCHA supports Exeter Homeless Partnership’s latest innovative fundraising campaign

BCHA is delighted to support the latest fundraising initiative from the Exeter Homeless Partnership (EHP) which works tirelessly to support homeless people and promote a community effort to end homelessness in Exeter.

EHP’s new QR Code Campaign launches on October 1, 2021 and builds on the success of its previous alternative giving campaign, Tap2Give, which enabled people to give money via digital donation points across the city and which has to date raised £32K.

QR codes enable people to donate to charity simply and quickly via their mobile phone.

The EHP QR Code Campaign also directs people to an online EHP Toolkit, where they can learn about all the different services in Exeter, understand the challenges, learn about what homelessness is and isn’t - and get information about solutions to ending homelessness.

More than 40 businesses and community groups in Exeter have already signed up to support the campaign and feature their own unique EHP QR Codes. These include transport provider Stagecoach, clothing retailer White Stuff and the Nationwide Building Society.

BCHA will be publicising the campaign via its social media channels.

More information can be found via EHP’s website: or by emailing:

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