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BCHA What we do blog – India, The Way Forward customer

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BCHA’s The Way Forward programme is a unique employability and skills coaching programme for anyone within BCP area, whose financial health and employment status has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

India, who started working on a short term contract role during the COVID pandemic, describes how The Way Forward programme helped her identify and resolve possible issues she was experiencing in her home and work life.

“I started The Way Forward course in around June/July 2021, shortly after I started a new short term contract role.

“At first, I was unsure what to expect from The Way Forward and thought it may be similar to another skills course I had done. But The Way Forward looks at how you feel about your employability and skills and how you can improve this, rather than just practical ways of being more employable.

“Coming into The Way Forward I knew and accepted there was no guarantee I would keep my present job after six months - and that perhaps made me more confident than some people who might be taking the course – people who are perhaps already unemployed or at imminent risk of losing their job.

“Even so, I was really pleased to learn that The Way Forward doesn’t just offer its customers short term help. The team keeps in contact with you after the course finishes, to offer you reassurance and other support you may need.

“It was nice to talk to my course coach Kate about issues I had been experiencing outside of work that I didn’t want to bring into my office environment. And it was helpful having someone who wasn’t directly linked to my sector that I could talk to.

“Kate was very helpful as a coach. She worked around my hours and she was very reassuring.

“She and the other course coaches seem genuinely invested in what you had to say and to try to find a solution that works best for you.

“I have found that The Way Forward has made me feel more confident about opening up to people/employers to discuss further options available to me within my short term contract.

“A practical skill I have gained is being more confident to communicate with work contacts over the phone. I have never been too comfortable with phone calls. But now I’m always picking up the phone to talk to other colleagues or outside companies.

“I think The Way Forward can be very helpful for people like me who are on short term contracts, as they offer you support whenever you need it and even if you just want to call someone to have a chat, they are willing to listen and help.”

Customers of The Way Forward are aged 18+ and have been financially affected by Covid-19 since March 2020.

This could include the unemployed, people who have been made redundant, those currently on furlough, or those who are currently employed but at risk of losing their job or on reduced hours and struggling financially.

If you would like to hear more about The Way Forward or to enrol onto the project, please contact us on 07971 614935/07971 640948 or email



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