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Celebrating Community Garden Week at New Leaf Allotment

Volunteer creating a dead hedge

BCHA is extremely fortunate to have a beautiful 2.2 acre site in Throop, Bournemouth, which is home to an apple orchard, growing beds, a pond and an abundance of wildlife from woodpeckers and starlings to wild bees and mice.

The New Leaf Allotment is an important community resource, where, as Mile Mahoney, the allotment co-ordinator, explains, people come to learn new skills and make new friends.

“Working outside and learning how to grow vegetables is empowering, exciting and fun. But camaraderie is a very strong, common denominator and seeing people making friends and growing in confidence is one of the most rewarding parts of the allotment.

“We share the produce that we grow here with the local community and in return they give us their recipes and help out by volunteering. 

“Volunteers play a vital role in the maintenance of our allotment. They are an exceptional bunch of individuals who turn up no matter what the weather is throwing at us and who get involved in every aspect from pruning apple trees to sowing seeds and even carpentry.

“We run our Horticultural Level 1 courses here, which introduce people to gardening, as well as offering a recognised qualification. Many of our volunteers are people who have completed the course and been inspired to get involved.

If you are interested in volunteering at New Leaf Allotment, please contact our Allotment Coordinator, Miles Mahoney on: 07966 800 130 or email:

Find out more about the Horticultural Level 1 course or download an enrolment form.

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