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BCHA’s podcasts give our customers a chance to have their voices heard and are an important part of the communications work that we carry out. The spoken voice is incredibly powerful and we are proud to support individuals to tell their stories in this way.

In this episode, BCHA’s Co Production Development Worker Mike Knowles talks to BCHA employee Mick who works in the BCHA Housing First Team in Exeter.
In this episode, BCHA’s Co Production Development Worker Mike Knowles, talks to BCHA Peer Mentor volunteer James about his experiences of homelessness as a young single man and of volunteering as a Peer Mentor with BCHA.
In this episode, BCHA Peer Mentor volunteer Kirsty talks about her experiences as a lesbian single mother who experienced episodes of hidden homelessness while alone and with a young child.
This podcast looks at how we are supporting the LGBTQIA+ community.
This podcast looks at issues relating to being LGBTQ and gender identity – it particularly highlights the importance of raising awareness to help others and to get people talking more about this topic, share knowledge and to provide solidarity.
Alex is joined in this podcast about co-production by Mike Knowle and Stuart and Mick of Exeter Homelessness Partnership. A very interesting discussion about the impact co-production has, particularly when people with lived experience are treated as equals.
In this podcast, Alex Lodge discusses the meaning of hidden homelessness with Mike Knowle, Harry and Kirsty. They discuss what it feels like to have a house, which is not a home and not having financial security, as well as living in a fight or flight scenario. Safety is a theme, which they feel strongly about.

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