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Irwin Edgehill, Development Coach

Irwin Edgehill


My role as a personal development coach is to deliver workshops and courses encompassing life skills and emotional intelligence for our learners here at St Swithuns in Bournemouth, as well as on an outreach basis to our different schemes and outside organisations. I also promote our courses and workshops to new and existing referrers.

Our Ignite team is exceptional. We all bring something different to the team’s skills set and, as a result, our learners get the best possible service in terms of different teaching styles, which is a huge benefit to their learning.

I love nothing better than delivering outstanding workshops and courses to individuals in need and transforming their lives.

Lockdown had a huge effect on the courses we run. The pandemic meant we couldn’t deliver our training face to face, so we had to find new solutions to make it work and to provide continuity. The method we found worked best for virtual training was Zoom, which proved very successful, we were also able to create a series of vlogs in order to keep providing services to our learners throughout lockdown which is a great achievement by our team.

What excites me the most about my work is watching an individual go from confusion to clarity in their emotional lives whenever they come and attend our workshops and courses.

Knowing that they have benefitted from the information, tools and techniques that I use means a lot to me. It’s about identifying the potential that already exists within someone and encouraging them to recognise, accept and build upon their strengths and weaknesses. I don’t tell them exactly what to do, instead I offer guidance and support using expert strategies.

When coaching people, I always strive to be myself, because the more real you are as a person, the more likely the person you are supporting will take on board the strategies you are offering them and achieve their goals.

Working for BCHA is so important to me, as it allows me to support individuals in a way that empowers them to achieve happiness, to develop skills and to recognise where they want to be in life.

You can watch Irwin in action on BCHA's YouTube channel - here he is delivering a confidence building workshop 

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