We are delighted that Aasia Nisar has recently taken up the position of Vice Chair of the BCHA Board. With a rich background in social housing, Aasia’s career is distinguished by a deep commitment to enhancing community wellbeing and customer satisfaction. As Vice Chair, she can channel her extensive experience and passion into supporting not only the staff and customers of BCHA but also in guiding us towards achieving our strategic goals. 

“I have been a BCHA Board member since October 2021. Recently I was lucky enough to be appointed vice chair and I’m excited about the role and to support Chris, the new Chair, as well as BCHA staff and its customers 

I’ve been lucky enough to have been working in social housing for over 27 years and for me this is very much a vocation. I care about the people who use our services and I know BCHA go above and beyond to ensure people are supported and looked after - I wanted to be part of that journey, hence becoming a Board member.

Aasia Nasir, new Vice Chair of BCHA Board
Aasia Nasir, new Vice Chair of BCHA Board

Outside of BCHA I work in the housing sector, with my focus very much being on customer and community engagement. I find this area of work really exciting, enabling me to be creative in helping people to establish roots where they live and who want to stay in their home for the long term.  I believe if we can create great places to live, people will thrive and by providing wrap around support they can become part of the rich tapestry of their local area. This is definitely something I would like to help support and deliver at BCHA. 

My knowledge of the housing sector enables me to understand what the pinch points are within the sector, allowing me to share this experience with the Board. I also keep abreast of updates coming out from the Social Housing Regulator as well as the Housing Ombudsman - thus my knowledge, I hope, can be utilised to support BCHA’s journey over the next few years, ensuring we are meeting our regulatory requirements and ready for whatever the future holds 

I believe the skills and attributes I bring to the role are very much focussed on ensuring the customer lens is always at the forefront of every service we deliver and as Board members we never shy away from making tough decisions which ultimately benefit our customers. 

 As a relatively new Board, we have a wealth of knowledge and skills which I’m sure collectively we can help to deliver BCHA’s goals and vision for its customers.” 

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