This week BCHA have launched their new Strategic Plan illustrating a clear, exciting and ambitious roadmap for the next five years. 

The Plan sets out a new vision, mission, values and priorities and was co-created in collaboration with BCHA’s customers, colleagues and partners over the last year. It clearly reinforces the commitment to addressing homelessness and providing comprehensive support for those with complex social needs in the communities it serves. 

Lorraine Mealings, Chief Executive, said “ I am thrilled we can now share the culmination of a year’s dedication, insight, and collaboration. This Plan is not just a roadmap for our future, it represents our collective commitment to making a profound and positive impact on the lives of people in our community affected by homelessness. 

“At the heart of the new Plan is our vision, ‘Everyone has a home and the opportunity to thrive’Our mission ‘to empower people by focusing on homes, wellbeing, and learning’ is fuelled by our values of being passionate, person-centred, purposeful, and inclusive. These values are fundamental to our identity and guide us in everything we do. 

“Through this strategy, we aim to expand our services and strengthen community ties, ensuring sustainable growth, throughout the southwest, and continued support for all.”

BCHA’s Customer Steering Group, said: “We are delighted to have been actively involved and able to contribute to the development of this strategic plan and it is encouraging to see that the plan puts us, the customer, at its heart.  

"In the year building-up to this plan’s development, there has been a great shift toward a customer voice within BCHA. We are pleased to note that each service is now committed to holding activities, house and service meetings with customers, which we believe will provide valuable insights into our experiences of using BCHA’s services." 

The long-awaited Plan anticipates growth in both physical assets and the scale of their support services with strategic efforts aiming at consistently meeting and setting high standards of service and engagement.

Priding itself on being a proactive community partner, dedicated to addressing complex social needs through effective partnerships, BCHA identify as being a social housing business that goes beyond providing shelter, enriching lives through comprehensive support services. 

The Plan commits in its conclusion that by 2029, BCHA will transform into a modern, agile, and bigger organisation, known for its high-quality service and as an employer of choice. 

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