In a dynamic journey over the past two months, BCHA has embarked on a quest across five locations to listen to our customers, partners and staff, to inform our new 5-year Business Plan. We conducted 15 engaging workshops that brought together a multitude of voices. The response was overwhelming, with several hundred individuals joining us to provide their invaluable insights.

These workshops served as a conduit to gather insights in three key areas:

  1. The Local Contexts: We delved deep into what is unique about our local environments, understanding the personal and professional concerns and aspirations that our communities hold for the next five years.

  2. Perceptions and Contribution of BCHA: We heard candid and honest perceptions of BCHA, often commending our organisation for being flexible, courageous and person centred.

  3. Priorities and Needs for the Coming 5 Years: Our customers and staff expressed what they value most about BCHA and highlighted areas where we can enhance and evolve.

The purpose of these workshops was to ensure that the current activities having a positive impact are retained, whilst areas for improvement are identified. This insight will help BCHA to create a Business Plan that is relevant, ambitious and realistic - something that adds value in the communities where we work, responding to needs and building on what others are doing.

Our current Business Plan, set in motion in March 2020, has seen significant progress. However, we acknowledge that the world and our organisation have seen a lot of changes since then. With the arrival of Lorraine Mealings as CEO in late 2022, along with a new Board Chair and Vice Chair starting in early 2024, the time is ripe for us to forge a renewed path ahead.

Lorraine said: 'It has been such a valuable experience hearing from so many of our customers, partners and colleagues over the last couple of months. The new Business Plan is going to be infinitely stronger as a result, with a clear direction for the next phase of our BCHA journey. Personally, it’s been an incredible opportunity to understand the impact and potential of our work which will help guide us in the coming years.'

The new 5 year Business Plan will be launched in Spring 2024 and will outline BCHA's top priorities and ambition. It will explain how we will continue to improve in order to best equip people to live independently and maintain their well-being.

If you haven't yet had a chance to share your voice, please email and we will send you a feedback form or arrange a call.

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