Jamie has been a dedicated and compassionate Recruitment Advisor for the last 5 years, supporting colleagues across the entire organisation to take on the best people to make a real difference for our customers. His empathy and welcoming nature plays a crucial role in not only helping new starters settle into life at BCHA but enabling them to thrive here too:

"A big part of my role is supporting managers with their recruitment needs- from advising on job adverts, to where we can share vacancies so our opportunities reach as many people as possible. Another important part of my role is benchmarking salaries so we’re fairly compensating colleagues for the brilliant work they do. I also take great pride in ensuring that everyone recruited into BCHA has followed Safer Recruitment.”

“Speaking with candidates and getting to know them through the interview process is something I’ve always enjoyed. I want everyone who has applied to BCHA to have a good experience.”


 Jamie Furer, Recruitment Advisor
Jamie Furer, Recruitment Advisor

"As the first point of contact for potential colleagues, I always want to leave a good impression that represents the great work BCHA does and the people that make that possible. As my colleagues are also my customers, it's really important to me that they feel they have received a good service that reflects BCHA's values."

"Creating psychologically informed environments is a big part of this process, as I want to create a welcoming space that reflects the culture of BCHA.”

“In fact, the whole team creates psychologically informed environments by always reflecting on our approach and adapting with our customers in mind. I’m very grateful to work within a team where we all feel able to offer new ideas and challenge each other to develop further.”

“The team are a really fantastic group of people who are always happy to help and support one another, which makes us more of a family than colleagues."

"I'd have to say that the most rewarding part of my job is filling positions that have been difficult to recruit for. Having vacancies really effects our colleagues' ability to run a service, ultimately impacting our customers, so recruiting new team members helps the smooth running of the entire organisation. It's a great feeling knowing that I play a part in a much bigger picture of ensuring we take on the best people to support our customers."

 "I also get to branch out and share our vacancies with BCHA Learn customers on our Supporting Others courses. This is always an exciting opportunity to learn about their experiences and put aside any of their anxieties around their ability to work for BCHA. Recently, I also had the opportunity to join BCHA's Festival of Wellbeing to share our latest opportunities with our community in an entirely different setting".

"During my time at BCHA, I've been supported to complete my CIPD Level 5 qualification. This was quite a big commitment of going to college for 9 months, but it's really enabled me to understand the theory of HR processes so I can develop at BCHA."

"However, what gives me the most pride is the relationships I have built within the organisation. There are lots of colleagues here that I would consider close friends".

"Having lived in London for most of life working in the Private sector, moving to Bournemouth and working for a Housing Association has been a massive change for me. There is an entirely different culture here and way of working towards a much bigger picture beyond revenue and profit. So even if my role is not directly customer-facing, each day I go home knowing I've contributed to my community and the wider mission of ending homelessness, which is far more rewarding than any work I've done before."

"Every day I learn something new here and get to see how, regardless of our different locations and roles, we're all playing our part in working together towards a shared goal for our community."

"At the end of the day, my young daughter is the most important thing in my life and working for BCHA makes me feel like I'm contributing to building a compassionate society I'd like her to be part of."

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