Access Wellbeing Hub in Poole opens it's doors
Access Wellbeing Hub in Poole opens it's doors

A landmark initiative will overhaul community mental health services across Dorset, ensuring that people can rapidly access comprehensive support without the need for referrals. 

In a new partnership that aims to redefine mental health care in the region, BCHA, The Lantern Trust and Help & Care have announced their collaborative leadership in the 'Access Wellbeing Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Transformation Programme,' in contract with Dorset HealthCare. 

The 'Access Wellbeing' programme has been in development for many years and has been shaped by planning and engaging with local Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprises (VCSE) and mental health providers. 

Representing a collective effort to meet the community's mental health needs more effectively, the programme integrates and enhances existing support systems. The initiative aims to achieve a more connected and responsive mental health service across Dorset. 

Immediate Support Without Barriers 

Central to the programme is the promise of immediate, local support for anyone aged 18 and over, emphasising a 'no wrong door' policy. This approach eliminates the need for referrals, allowing direct access to a range of mental health and wellbeing services. 

Morad Margoum, Deputy Service Director for Mental Health, Learning Disabilities, Children and Families at Dorset HealthCare said: “This partnership signifies a collective effort to make a lasting impact on the lives of those we support. We look forward to fostering a nurturing environment where mental health and wellbeing thrive. 

“The collaboration marks a significant milestone in our mission to enhance mental health and wellbeing community support. And as we embark on this journey, we anticipate innovative solutions and shared successes that will enrich the fabric of our communities.” 

Caroline Moylan, Chief Operating Officer at BCHA said "This initiative marks a significant step towards our vision of a community where everyone has access to the mental health support they need, seamlessly and without delay. We are thrilled to collaborate with Help & Care and The Lantern Trust in leading this initiative through a genuine partnership approach. Leveraging BCHA's extensive track record of delivering quality mental health support services, coupled with the solid groundwork of existing services being provided in the initial stages of this programme, we hope to bring about a transformative shift in how our community accesses and receives mental health support.” 

Access Wellbeing Poole Coordinators Renee, Tanya & Megan
Access Wellbeing Poole Coordinators Renee, Tanya & Megan

A Vision for the Future 

The Access Wellbeing programme is not just a response to the current needs but a blueprint for the future of mental health care in Dorset. With a focus on inclusivity, empowerment, and community engagement, the partnership is dedicated to developing a service that is both effective and reflective of the community's needs. 

Mike Graham CEO of The Lantern Trust says "Access Wellbeing is an opportunity to carry on the work of mental health integrated community care (MHICC) as we work with communities and the agencies based within them to improve support to wellbeing and mental health services throughout Dorset. The very principle of our new partnership with BCHA, Help & Care and our wider stakeholders is one of building opportunities to be able to access support at the earliest opportunity. Access Wellbeing Weymouth & Portland has already shown the power of agencies working together and a more integrated mental health system with partners across all sectors.  We are excited to see the offer grow across all areas of Dorset and be part of the culture change that our partnership, Dorset HealthCare and all stakeholders are so passionate in delivering" 


Mark Sharman, Chief Executive of Help & Care added “We are delighted to be part of a collaborative VCSE offer and looking forward to wider engagement of the sector through this exciting programme. 

As a local organisation with almost 40 years' experience working with communities across the county, we are very clear that this is about transformation, responding to the experiences and insights of those communities and requiring genuine coproduction pan Dorset.” 

About the Partners 

BCHA are a charitable housing association supporting individuals and families across the Southwest and South of England. They are a major provider of a diverse range of housing, support and learning services for socially excluded people, with expertise in delivering exceptional mental health support services. 

The Lantern Trust operate multi-agency hubs that create a collaborative, whole person support offer that is accessible within our customer’s communities. They have teams that support all aspects of customer lives, enabling support for people in their own communities, where they feel the most comfortable.  The Lantern Trust’s established Crisis and Recovery hubs demonstrate what can be achieved when working in true partnership and reduce the barriers to support that communities face.  Their work across Dorset within homelessness and mental health is well known and we look forward to building our offer going forward with all partners. 

Help & Care has a vision of people living the lives they choose. They have been working across Dorset and South England for almost 40 years, promoting dignity and independence for people from all walks of life. 

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