Lee has been a passionate and dedicated Financial Inclusion Officer at BCHA for the last year, supporting customers with their money management and playing an absolutely crucial role in helping customers across our services and homes navigate the current cost of living crisis. During these difficult times and beyond, Lee always looks for new ways to make a real difference to our customers’ lives.

“Every day is different in my role. I could be visiting and supporting our customers at their homes to help maximise their income, chatting to customers about payments and budgeting in general, supporting customers with their Universal Credit commitments or even helping with appeals and hearings”.

“We also listen to our customers directly to see what support they’d like from us. Whether this is through attending Customer Reference Panel meetings, or engaging in Income drop-in sessions at BCHA’s supported services, where we take a few hours to have discussions with customers who are worried about paying their rent. I really enjoy offering direct support to our customers in this way and listening to their needs to really shape the support we provide.”

Lee Podesta, Financial Inclusion Officer
Lee Podesta, Financial Inclusion Officer

“Working directly with our residents and seeing them improve their circumstances and eventually moving onto independent living has to be the best part of my job. It is so rewarding to see someone get their full benefit entitlement and the genuine difference this makes to their life.”

“The Income Team are also a fantastic bunch of people who have made me feel very welcome since I have started. We are great at working together and across different departments to better help residents, and we all share the same goals and values that BCHA has.”

“The values that resonate with me the most are ‘treating everyone as an individual’ and ‘the importance of working together’. Collaborative working is crucial in the Housing Sector and it so important to remember to treat residents as individuals, even when you are dealing with so many at once.”

 “As with most who work in similar roles within the Housing Sector, I am worried about the current cost of living crisis and the upcoming Winter of 2022. I am currently working with our Communications Team to include helpful tips and tricks for saving money on our website.”

“ We will also be releasing some Money Matters audio chat shows over the next few months which will touch upon different areas of money management to support our customers during this very difficult time.”

“I find working with our residents, and the goal of social housing in general, very fulfilling- even more so within these challenging times. It means a lot to me to be able to work within this environment. I am very proud that the work I do day to day can have a real positive impact on somebodies life (I hope!)”

“Through my time at BCHA, I’ve learnt to expect the unexpected and no matter how bad things have become for somebody, everyone deserves to find the light at the end of the tunnel.”

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