Poppy’s incredible journey with BCHA began with our Young People’s Services and now she has progressed to Operational Manager for the Liberty Project. Her passion for supporting survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking empower the Liberty team each day to provide a safe, stable and supportive service to those that need it:

“I genuinely love working for the Liberty Project, supporting survivors of modern day slavery and human trafficking to rebuild their lives. We support survivors with accommodation, accessing legal services, mental and physical health, training, education for dependents, sexual health, and the list goes on. Our specialist Support Workers offer a bespoke service to each survivor, enabling them to live a life free from abuse, and gain the skills and confidence to live independently.

“As the Operational Manager, day to day I support a wonderful team of specialist Support Workers with queries, administration and helping their high risk customers. I like to hold meetings to set my team up for the week, monitor their wellbeing and provide regular training, which we’ve recently opened up so the entire organisation can learn about modern slavery.

Poppy Blundell, Modern Slavery Team Leader
Poppy Blundell, Modern Slavery Team Leader

“Aside from the day to day running of the service, we’ve also embarked on transforming our office spaces and safe houses, focusing on creating psychologically informed environments. The transformation has had a huge positive impact on colleagues and customers. The staff feel the office is a more comforting and practical space thanks to calming colours, increased light, seats and power sockets. Our customers also feel the office is more welcoming, with plenty of space for residents to sit and talk to staff and children to play.

“A highlight for me has been our recent push for fundraising, where I’ve found myself speaking on stage at a Boston Manor gig who were doing a toy drive for Liberty. It gave me such a warm feeling having a well known band use their presence to do good for those that need it. Also standing on stage with that many people listening to me was a first, luckily I had two Support Workers by my side. Several of my passionate colleagues will also be hiking up Snowdown in April to enable our residents to have an outdoor space they can socialise in and let their children play safely.

“I’d say the best part of my job is hearing Support Workers tell me about a recent success with a customer. We understand and appreciate small wins at Liberty, and nothing makes me happier than hearing a customer succeed as a result of a Support Worker’s efforts.

“And the team at Liberty are beyond amazing! In Dorset we’ve even started doing team activities. It’s been such fun socialising together and seeing the morale at an all time high!

“I’m extremely grateful for my journey with BCHA and I’ve met some incredible people along the way, but one customer in particular will always stick in my mind. When I first met them, they were high risk, nervous and terrified as a result of their trauma. Within a year, they were granted positive conclusive grounds, gained asylum, they prosecuted and divorced a perpetrator, became a qualified carer and successfully moved onto independent living. By the time they left us, they were always smiling and that’s what working for Liberty is all about.

“Each day I’m shown how strong survivors are and how a little bit of support can go a long way. I am extremely proud to be helping people live a life free from abuse and making a change to society, with everyone at BCHA being part of that change."

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