Across the country homelessness services are scaling back their support or even close their doors all together due to the cost of living crisis, at a time when rough sleeping is rising. This is why we support Homeless Links' Keep Our Doors Open campaign calling for a funding uplift so people experiencing homelessness can continue to have safe providers to help them rebuild their lives.

To further this campaign, Homeless Link have published this blog by Beverly Munden, Senior Practitioner at BCHA's George House, on how the cost of living crisis leaves supported housing services struggling to help people move on to independent accommodation. She states:

Across the UK, people on low incomes and, in particular, those in supported housing, have been disproportionately affected by the cost of living crisis, with one of the main impacts being the lack of move-on options. This has resulted in very slow movement of people moving out of temporary accommodation, forcing those who have been faced with homelessness by the current climate, to be placed out of area, or worse, on to the streets.

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