Stuart Milburn, Voluntary BCHA Learn Tutor
Stuart Milburn, Voluntary BCHA Learn Tutor

Stuart has been a committed and passionate volunteer to BCHA for the last seven years, going above and beyond, making a positive difference to our customers' lives. Stuart is known across the organisation as a valiant volunteer, continuously giving his time and expertise to help BCHA customers tap into their creative skills as a path to mental well-being through delivering BCHA Learn courses and creative workshops.

“Facing my own personal barriers has helped me to better understand the needs of others and how I can help people to overcome challenges they may face throughout their life. By implementing what I have learnt from my own personal journey, I started to recognise that I have the skills to help others, which has opened a gateway to achieving my personal and professional goals at BCHA.”

“I have also overcome my own personal barriers with the help of such a motivational team at BCHA Learn. The team are very supportive and committed, allowing me to grow and develop during my journey with the organisation. I am grateful that the passion with which they support BCHA customers with personal development is also given to colleagues within the team. With their support, I have gained my award in Education and Training, enabling me to become a tutor and share my passion for creativity as a path to mental well-being!

“From an early age, I developed an interest in “all things creative” with a passion. My professional career spans over 40 years as architect, designer, artist, gallery owner, creative consultant, and tutor.

“I am an active ambassador for “Outside In”, promoting inclusivity in the art world by providing creative opportunities for artists facing challenging barriers.

“I enjoy participating, and running creative workshops, and apply my creative skills regularly. This improves my own mental well-being, which endorses my belief that creativity provides a catalyst for mental health improvement, stability, and self-awareness.

“I am currently involved in promoting community art mural projects to promote creative coproduction within BCHA. In my workshops with BCHA Learn I lead fun, creative activities with customers like paper folding, mindful drawing and colour theory to show that we all have the ability to create art. This is crucial to the larger lesson that creativity builds confidence and promotes personal development.

“Becoming a tutor for BCHA has therefore given me the opportunity to express my commitment to freedom of expression, promoting the positive benefits of creativity to many customers over the years.”

“The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that customers leave my creative workshops feeling relaxed and uplifted, with improved confidence and motivation.”

“My role at BCHA also feels part of something bigger, as my work aligns with my passions for positive life changing experiences, and inclusivity of opportunities for all, regardless of whatever challenging barriers people and communities face.”

“It gives me great pride to work for an organisation that champions change for the “greater good” and how communities can become more integrated through improved social inclusivity, education and learning opportunities.”

“Ultimately, I am grateful that I finish each working day knowing I have used my experience and skills to make a valuable contribution and difference to people’s lives.”

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