Our leaflets

Our Residents Handbook

Please find below a selection of leaflets which form our Residents Handbook, which will provide you with information about our services. If you have a question that isn't answered within the below leaflets, then please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Housing Team.


Our promise to you

Respecting your privacy

Working together to improve our services

Your views count

Our membership policy


Fairness and respect

Valuing difference

Protecting people who are vulnerable

Tackling harassment and violence

Dealing with racist incidents


Rights and responsibilities

Your rights and responsibilities

Shorthold tenancies

Your right to pass on tenancy

Giving us notice to move out


Your home

The good neighbour guide

Do you have problems with your neighbour?

Protecting your health and safety

Repairs and maintenance

Home DIY

Help for disabilities


Your rent

How we decide what rent to charge

Paying your rent or licence fee

Problems paying rent?

Problems paying your licence fee?


Further support

Moving on from supported accommodation

Starting work


Our Service Standards

Read through our Service Standards below which set out how our services will be provided to you as our customer. They let you know what you can expect from BCHA, within what timescale and how often. These standards have been developed following consultation with our customers.

Condition of homes for new residents

Keeping your home in good repair

Our customer service

Transferring to another BCHA property

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