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We work throughout the South and South West helping over 10,000 vulnerable people each year. We work with some of the most vulnerable members of our community, including victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking, rough sleepers, people with mental illnesses or addictions, young people and those looking for employment.

To learn more about our services and how we enable people to find a way forward and live an independent life, take a look at the below stories which demonstrate just how much of an impact our services can have.


 Stephen’s Story…

A series of devastating incidents left Stephen homeless and unwell. We provided Stephen with a safe place to sleep and the support he needed to turn his life around. Thanks to BCHA Stephen now feels safe and has hope for the future.

Here Stephen tells his story.


        Hope’s Story… 

Hope was just 17 when she came to us for support, having been trafficked in to the UK for forced labour when she was young. Having been thrown on to the streets by her traffickers for being pregnant she had no where to go.

Read Hope’s story here.


     Amanda’s Story… 

We helped Amanda and her three young children escape an abusive relationship. We provided accommodation and support to help Amanda find the strength she needed to live a life free from fear and abuse.

Read Amanda’s story here.


Graham's Story... 

Graham was enjoying a bike ride over the Purbecks with friends when in the space of a minute, everything changed. While riding at nearly 40 miles per hour, Graham’s front wheel came off his bike, throwing him to the ground. He suffered significant brain injury.

Life changed over night for Graham – he was unable to do the things he used to and was warned that he could never lead a fully independent life again. Graham lost his job and was faced with homelessness when his landlord sold his home to a developer. Watch Graham’s story below to see just how much he has achieved with the right support.

Asa's Story...

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