High Hopes for BCHA as new ambassador joins ranks

Jack Romero, whose rags to riches story has been featured nationally,…

Hopes are high at BCHA, as Jack Romero, whose rags to riches story has been featured nationally, has signed up to be the new charity ambassador of the organisation.

BCHA, which provides lasting solutions to homelessness, unemployment and social exclusion in our communities throughout the South is thrilled to announce, Jack Romero, as the organisation’s charity ambassador. Jack, who led a rather turbulent life when after fleeing Lebanon, his war-torn country of birth at the age of 17, rose through adversity from sleeping rough on the streets of London, to owning his very own airline which was sold for £30 million.

Jack’s appointment was announced at BCHA’s staff conference on the 10th June, after giving a presentation summarising his story, Jack received a standing ovation from staff members who commented, “Jack will be a truly amazing ambassador for us, his determination, ability to not lose hope and to keep going no matter how bad things got is just the inspiration our clients need.”

On becoming the new charity ambassador of BCHA, Jack Romero has commented:

“With my personal background I feel I can truly relate to what many who come to the organisation are going through. The work that BCHA do is extremely important. Without support people in such situations can easily begin to lose hope. Without hope, there is no determination to achieve and that can lead to a very dark place. I am enormously passionate about the work of BCHA, delighted to become an ambassador and will be helping wherever possible.”

Jack Romero’s is a true rags to riches story and as the new ambassador of BCHA will hopefully be one that inspires many who come into contact with the organisation; to remind them that with hope and determination along with the support of BCHA everyone has the chance for a better life.

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