BCHA staff find a way forward at annual conference

Over 400 BCHA staff and volunteers come together for annual conference.

Over 400 staff and volunteers of BCHA came together this week for their annual ‘Way Forward’ staff conference at the Lighthouse in Poole. The event brought staff from across the UK together to reflect on the events and achievements of the past year, and talk about plans and challenges for the year ahead.

This year the conference was used as a platform to announce BCHA’s 2014-2020 Business Plan, which is focused on four main themes: providing more accommodation to people, helping more people back in to work, growing BCHA in each of its localities and constantly improving the delivery of services through ongoing investment in staff training and development.

Drum Café surprised delegates by making an appearance to demonstrate just how important communication is when working together. They began with an energetic performance before delivering an entertaining and interactive session, where each delegate was given a drum so as everyone could work in harmony with their colleagues to achieve one goal, without speaking a word.

Martin Hancock, Chief Executive of BCHA, commented: “Our annual ‘Way Forward’ event always proves a great opportunity for staff to get together and reflect on our work over the past year, while focusing our efforts on the work needed over the coming year. The Drum Café added a different dimension to this year’s conference and it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves and working together as a team so effectively.

“It is always great to see the enthusiasm and commitment of staff and the passion they have for helping the vulnerable members of our society. It also proves a great opportunity to thank staff and volunteers of BCHA, and be reminded of the positive impact BCHA has on the lives of many people each year.”

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