Harry Redknapp coaches BCHA FC to league success

Manager Harry Redknapp meets with players from BCHA FC.

Football Manager Harry Redknapp took time out from his busy duties just before QPR’s play-off success to meet with players from BCHA FC and talk tactics.

BCHA FC is a football team with a difference, established in 2008 to provide a lifeline to many homeless and vulnerable people. It uses football as a tool to get people back in to positive activities and help people to develop as individuals, building their self-esteem and confidence.

The Premiership bound QPR Manager spent a couple of hours with the team, giving them advice on how they could improve their game, talking about his experiences, top football tips and sharing many amusing stories from his career.

The meeting was a great experience for the BCHA FC players, they learnt a lot and enjoyed the opportunity to share their life experiences, talking about how they had got through difficult times and found a way forward through the club, with one player even going on to represent England in the Homeless World Cup in Rio in 2010. One player commented: “I felt proud to share my story with Harry and to let him know how BCHA FC is much more than just football.”

BCHA FC compete in a busy schedule of matches in leagues and tournaments, including the Unity League which was established to support people with mental health difficulties. After meeting the QPR Manager, the team had an unbeaten run of games, which saw them finish third in the league – resulting in their best season ever.

Dom Weir, one of the Managers of BCHA FC, commented: “We can’t thank Harry Redknapp enough for taking time out of his busy schedule and spending time with us to learn about BCHA FC, and pass on some great tips and advice to our players.

“His visit had such a positive effect on the team, there was a real buzz at training practice afterwards, where he had really helped to inspire and motivate the team and got the players thinking about how they could use his advice to improve their game. The results the team have achieved since Harry’s pep talk show just how much of a positive impact he has had on BCHA FC.”

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