An update on New Leaf Repairs and Maintenance

Shelley Davies, Business Operations Manager for New Leaf Repairs,…

Shelley Davies, Business Operations Manager New Leaf Repairs (Part of BCHA) provides an update on changes within our Repairs and Maintenance Team.

Repairs and maintenance is one of the most important services your landlord provides.

Over the coming months you will see changes to this area of the business, including:

  • Rebranding – Sequal Works will become New Leaf Repairs
  • New Van livery and uniforms
  • New faces and voices
  • Revamped website

BCHA aspires to deliver the best service it can and to this end during the past few months we have reviewed the structure of our maintenance team. We have designed an improved structure that will provide our customers with a sound foundation today, tomorrow and in the future.

The new structure focuses on improving communications with both our internal and external customers.

We know that the first point of contact with our customers is the most important one and to ensure that we do this effectively, we now have the correct number of people in place to answer your calls and make the correct diagnosis of your repair.

A new “planner” role will ensure that works are given the correct priority and appointment date in a timely manner; this also provides an additional communication link for customers as we know that keeping you informed has been a weakness in the past.

We have introduced two management positions that will oversee responsive repairs / cyclical maintenance and planned / voids works. This will help ensure that trades, cleaners and gardeners are supervised more effectively and works are regularly inspected to ensure that a high quality of work is consistently delivered.

Over the coming months we will be inviting you to focus groups where you can give your feedback and views on the services we provide and to help us shape them for the future.

We will be also seeking volunteer resident inspectors who will be trained to act as the eyes and ears for the repairs service, ensuring effective communication between yourselves and us.

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