NCS Leaders Course feedback

BCHA's NCS department recently received this letter from someone that had just taken part in the NCS Leaders course.
Hi my name is Annabel Stalley and last week I took part on NCS leaders course and I thought I would tell you about my experience.
Making the decision to apply to the course is honestly the best thing I have ever done. I met a group of the most amazing and inspirational people and formed bonds that I know I will keep forever. I was put into Team 3 with 10 other people that i didn't know and by the end of the week I felt like they - along with my two leaders - were my family.
I learned so much about myself over the week by throwing myself into situations that I wouldn't normally be comfortable in. My highlight would have to be doing the presentation on Thursday in front of 200+ people. This is because I have always been very shy and struggled with my confidence, as a result public speaking is something I would never have dreamed of doing. When my leaders heard of this they were extremely supportive towards me and helped me practise what I was going to say until I was comfortable, my team was also amazing in giving me support and tips about public speaking. I have never been more proud of myself for doing something than I was on Thursday after successfully finishing the presentation.
Another highlight for me was completing the London challenge on Tuesday as I think it brought my whole team closer together and we bonded a lot that day.
Leaders week has inspired me to do more volunteer work and try and make an impact in my community. I am keen to do as much as I can with NCS and eventually start my own Social Action Project.
Thank you for the opportunity!
Annabel Stalley

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