BCHA's Urban Bike Project empowers BCHA customers to learn the skills to repair tired bicycles and bring them back to life for use in the community.  The project combines our passion for providing learning opportunities and our organisational commitment to become greener. 

Thanks to funding from Boost Energy Drinks, our Urban Bike Project we host a weekly session for customers at The Factory every Wednesday.   

The innovative project equips our customers with essential work experience, enables them to reap the well-being benefits of cycling and offers them the opportunity to secure an industry standard qualification for bicycle technicians. 

“It's important for our customer base to be mobile and there are significant benefits of cycling for physical and mental health. Many of the bikes we take in are old tech, but with a little TLC we get them back on the road again” 

Jamie Johnson, Urban Bike Project Lead

By giving transformed bicycles back to our community, we are also helping to prevent landfill, reduce air and noise pollution and ultimately encourage our customers to get active whilst protecting our environment. 

With a long-term goal of offering these services to the public, we plan to sell and maintain these repaired bicycles, generating funding that would enable the project to become self-sustaining. 

For more information, contact jamiejohnson@bcha.org.uk or read our blog on pedal power.