Tenancy Team

The Tenancy Team work across all BCHA properties to provide a Housing Management service to all of our customers.  

We visit people every day within their homes and work hard to give all of our customers great services. We can work with you to help you maintain your tenancy or licence agreement and can support you at any point. 

Contact us

The Tenancy Team are based in four BCHA Hubs and can be contacted by location of your home: 

Dorset and surrounding area

Call: 01202 410500

Plymouth, Devon

Call: 01752 664441

Yeovil, Somerset

Call: 01935 411618 

Exeter & South Hams, Devon

Call: 01392 258899

Alternatively you can contact Customer Services on 01202 410500.

Your Tenancy Team work together with other BCHA departments in order to provide help and assistance for you to maintain your Tenancy or Licence Agreements and live in a safe and comfortable home. 

Types of Tenancy

There are two types of tenancy that you can have with us at BCHA; General Needs and Supported Housing.

If you are unsure about which type of tenancy you have, please contact your Tenancy Team for more details. 

Rights & Responsibilities

All of our customers in both our General Needs Housing and our Supported Housing Schemes have the same rights to a service from BCHA which are outlined below. 

Environmental Services

The service charges which you pay as part of your tenancy agreement help to pay for a number of services provided to you.  

Your Tenancy Team, working alongside our Repairs Team, is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the communal areas such as courtyards, lobbies and communal stairways. 

BCHA will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring weeds, hedge growth and gardening are maintained 
  • Check communal lighting 
  • Report repairs needed in the communal areas 
  • Report fly tipping for removal 
  • Ensure any shared laundry services are clean and safe 

A detailed specification of services provided to your block is available upon request. 

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance is designed to help protect your possessions. No matter how careful you are, there’s always a risk that your belongings could be broken, damaged or stolen. Home contents insurance can help provide peace of mind should any of this happen. 

We do not cover your contents as part of the tenancy agreement so it’s a good idea to consider what a home contents insurance policy would cover you for in order to make an informed decision on whether you need one. 

The National Housing Federation works in partnership with Thistle Tenant Risks, who provide My Home Contents Insurance. The My Home scheme is designed for tenants and residents living in social housing, offering economical and flexible schemes to protect tenants against a whole range of risks.  

Thistle Tenant Risks is a leading provider; developing tenant contents insurance schemes in the social housing sector for over twenty years and working with in excess of 700 housing associations and local authorities. 

Some benefits to having contents insurance include: 

  • No excess to pay, meaning you don’t pay the first part of the claim 
  • Covers theft, water damage, fire and many more household risks 
  • Covers tenants’ improvements  
  • Covers contents in sheds, outbuildings and garages  
  • Covers damage to external glazing for which you are responsible
  • Covers replacement and installation of locks for outside doors or windows and alarms, if keys are lost or stolen 

There is no need to have special door or window locks to have a contents insurance policy and all postcodes in the UK can be covered.  


We recognise that pet ownership is a rewarding experience, bringing companionship, good health and social benefits to a growing number of people. 

You may be able to keep a pet, although this will depend on the type of property that you live in or be based on certain circumstances. 

Generally, residents who live in a property with exclusive use of a garden may keep any domestic pet including up to two cats and two dogs. Residents who do not have exclusive use of a garden may keep pets which reasonably stay in the home such as caged birds, fish in a tank or small non-poisonous caged reptiles. 

If you would like to keep a pet in your home, please seek our permission first by contacting your Tenancy Officer.