Domestic Abuse Support 

All people trapped in abusive situations will experience fear for their own safety and that of their children. This fear lasts even after they have taken the brave step to seek help or escape from their abusers.

At BCHA we work hard to help survivors of domestic abuse to escape and recover from the traumatic situations they have experienced, and to help them stay safe.

When working with survivors of abuse, we recognise the importance of not only offering a place of safety, but also the vital support people need to overcome the emotional trauma and begin the slow process of rebuilding confidence and self-esteem. We also offer assistance with practical issues such as benefits and dealing with other agencies.  

BCHA offer a range of support services within the community for survivors of domestic abuse aged 16 and over living in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, including providing safe houses and refuges. 

We also provide:

Outreach Services

We know that not all survivors of domestic abuse want to go to a refuge. Some survivors want or need to stay in their own home, and therefore need different support. Our outreach service supports survivors of domestic abuse in their own home, and in the community. Support can be provided by telephone, or where it is safe to do so, with one-to-one visits in the home or a location they feel comfortable to meet. We also offer support at weekly drop-in sessions. 

Abuse Support Courses 

We run two 12-week courses, The Freedom Programme and Power to Change, which aim to help survivors of domestic abuse to understand their rights and provide them with tools and knowledge that will empower them.

Family Intervention Project

Our Family Intervention Project provides sessions to build positive family relationships and promote safety for children aged 5 – 16 years old. We work closely with other agencies to build positive support networks and help children to develop coping mechanisms and ways to raise their self-esteem.


Pathfinders Pilot

BCHA were pleased to be chosen in March 2022 for the new Pathfinders pilot launched as a pioneering approach to support survivors of domestic abuse through family courts in North Wales and Dorset.

The project is improving information sharing between agencies, providing support to those affected by domestic abuse and crucially, it also boosts the voice of children at every stage of the process, ensuring they are listened to and their views are taken into account when decisions are made about their future.

The pilots allow judges to review gathered information before a case gets to court. It avoids the circumstances of the case being debated in the courtroom, which can often exacerbate conflict. BCHA are pleased to be involved in this important pilot providing this essential support for domestic abuse survivors. We have recruited a specialist support worker who is dedicated to the individuals going through the family court and importantly provides training and support for court personnel in understanding domestic abuse and coercive control.

This is a much-needed new initiative, so that we can raise awareness of the trauma caused by domestic abuse and help to achieve best evidence at court with survivors in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. The investigative pilot will be tested initially in Bournemouth and Weymouth in Dorset, and Caernarfon, Mold, Prestatyn and Wrexham in North Wales for up to two years before a full evaluation.


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