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Employability and skills

Employability & Skills

At BCHA we are passionate about supporting people to make positive changes and turn their lives around - this may be through learning new skills, trying new opportunities and celebrating successes - the little ones as well as the big ones.

We recognise that every one of us is an individual, with different interests, skills and experiences, and that we can all learn from one another. We also have different aspirations, which is why we are all about working with you to define what you want to achieve and then supporting you to do this for yourself.

We offer a variety of programmes, which each provide continuous support you to achieve your goals; whether this is to attain a qualification, build skills to enter employment or start volunteering, you can be guided through our learning and work programmes.

Our success rates have proven the effectiveness of our courses as we provide learning and training opportunities for hundreds of people each year, supporting people into employment, volunteering and further education.

In terms of the criteria for our programmes, we accept people of all ages and abilities.

Click on the services below for more detail on our popular employability and skills programmes: