Our Ignite Programme focuses on supporting people to find greater self-belief, break free from benefit support, get back in to work and live life. Ignite offer a range of workshops for people to choose from, which are all tailored to build someone’s self-esteem and confidence, and to support people to achieve their goals.                

Ignite’s workshops are delivered in relaxed and friendly group settings. There is also the opportunity for people to take advantage of one-to-one sessions with our Ignite Development Coaches.

How can Ignite help me?

Ignite will give you the tools, skills and knowledge to make lasting positive changes to enhance your life. As a person centred programme, each person’s journey, choices and goals may be different - but the overriding aim is to support people to increase their self-esteem, confidence, motivation and well-being.

Some of the workshops on offer are: Stress and Anxiety Management, Steps to Change, Relating to Others, Communication, Self-Awareness, Confidence, Cookery, Nutrition, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing.

Ignite also offer a Digital Life Skills workshop which will help you to develop your knowledge and computer skills. You will be able to create cards, flyers, graphs, CVs, use the internet safely and make the most of your money by finding the best deals online.

While Ignite’s Skills for Supporting Others workshop will give you the underpinning knowledge to effectively support others by covering subjects such as professional boundaries, goal setting, equality, diversity, interpersonal and communication skills. 

Ignite offer something for everyone!

What will be expected of me?

If you sign up to Ignite then you will be expected to attend an induction meeting where you will learn more about Ignite and all of the workshop choices available to you. 

Once you have done this the decision is yours as to how many workshops you wish to attend and when!

Who can sign up to Ignite?

Anyone over the age of 19 who is currently unemployed, or who is at risk of losing their job is eligible for Ignite.

How do I sign up?

It's really simple to sign up to Ignite - just click here to complete our online referral form. Once you’ve completed this just click submit and one of our Learning and Work Team will be in touch with you. Alternatively, call 01202 410500 and ask to speak to a member of our Ignite team.

Click here to read Kathy's Ignite story.

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