We are always keen for our customers to work with us, to ensure that we deliver our services in a way that suits you. We want to hear what you have to say about the work we do.

You can get involved with us in many different ways to help us improve the services you receive, and the community you live in. You can give as much, or as little time as you want - you only have to give a little bit of time to make a big difference.

We can match your skills and experience to our activities and projects, and can provide training, pay your expenses, and will often award shopping vouchers as a thank you for your time.

We even have an office in Boscombe which is specifically for our Bournemouth customers to use which is fully equipped with computers, a printer and telephone.

If you are interested in getting more involved with BCHA, contact our Resident Involvement Officer, Jenny Bronson, for a chat and more information:

Call: 01202 410540

Email: jennybronson@bcha.org.uk

Check out the many ways which you can get involved with BCHA:

Customer Scrutiny Panel

Challenge the way we work by becoming a member of our Customer Scrutiny Panel. Click here for more details.

Readers Panel  

Our leaflets and publications, such as our Residents’ Handbook, need to be approved by a customer to make sure it tells you what you want to know. You can do this from the comfort of your own home, or you can pop down to our Customer Office in Boscombe.

Neighbourhood Walkabout  

Your Housing Officer inspects your neighbourhood on a regular basis. You’re welcome to ask for a walkabout in your area - this is a great opportunity to talk face-to-face with your Housing Officer and the Resident Involvement Officer about how you, and your neighbours, feel about where you live, and what improvements could be made.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is where you contact a BCHA service anonymously, and rate the service you receive. We will provide you with a set of questions to ask, or a task to carry out and some criteria which will help you to review the service.

Resident Feedback Champion

Support other customers in giving BCHA feedback – good or bad. Sometimes it’s hard for someone to make a complaint and they need a bit of support from someone. We need more volunteers to support residents through our complaints procedure.

Resident Inspectors

This involves looking around our ready-to let properties to check that the maintenance work carried out is up to scratch, and that our properties are of a high standard and ready for new tenants to move in.

Focus Groups and Surveys

This type of involvement is perfect for giving us quick feedback and doesn’t take up much of you time! From filling in our tenant satisfaction surveys, to attending a one-off focus group about a topic that's close to your heart – we want to hear what you think about BCHA!

Focus groups are an informal meeting which we organise to get feedback from our customers around a specific subject, for example, our Repairs and Maintenance Service. We hold focus groups throughout the year, so look out for dates on our Facebook page.

Housing Jargon  

The Tenant Participation Advisory Service has come up with a Jargon Buster leaflet to help explain what some of the many terms and expressions that are used in the housing sector mean. Click here to read it.

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