Food saving ideas

You could save a lot of money each year, just by planning what food you will buy and how you will use it. Follow the simple tips below and start saving today!

  • Grow your own: Window ledges, balconies and outdoor communal areas can be used to grow healthy basic items such as tomatoes, herbs, potatoes and other vegetables.
  • Can it: Every time you shop pick up one or two cans or tins of fish, pulses and beans and add these ingredients to your meals. Frozen vegetables are also excellent value for money.
  • Plan ahead: On the weekend, plan what meals you will eat during the week ahead. For example, you could plan to make sandwiches for lunch on two days of the week, while eat leftovers from the night before on other days. Planning this in advance will help you decide how much food to buy and make. Find out what works best for you on what days – if you spend £3 on lunch three times a week, then planning ahead could save you £400 a year!
  • Cook in bulk: Plan ahead and cook more food than you need. Fill tupperware boxes with your leftovers and freeze them. You have just made your own ready meals – simply defrost your pre-made meal the night before you use it and enjoy a tasty meal and a night free from cooking!
  • Be wise with your leftovers: Learning how to use up your leftovers will not only reduce food waste, but will also save you money. Visit the 'Love food hate waste' website for some tasty ideas.


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