If you’re looking to buy a particular item, or want to find out where your supermarket shop will be cheapest this week, take a look at the below sites which might be able to help save you some money! and seek out the best price online and in-store on anything from a particular model of TV, to the pushchair you want. compares the country's top supermarkets so you can get the best deal on your grocery shopping. gives you the best online shopping deals, promotion offers and discount vouchers for many different companies. tells you where you can get free stuff. It also tells you where to get money off and what shops have clearance offers.
allows you to giveaway the things you no longer want, and ask people for things you need. It can sometimes be a bit hit and miss, but is worth checking regularly if there is something you need! No money changes hands. has loads of furniture and electrical items from people who just want to get rid of them cheaply – take a look for bargains galore.

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