Court Independent Domestic Violence Advisor

Supporting you through court proceedings

What is a Court Independent Domestic Violence Advisor?

A Court Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA) supports victims of domestic abuse through the criminal justice system, and advocates on their behalf. This could be regarding bail conditions or restraining orders. They will also support victims if they are required to go to court to give evidence. 

What support will a Court IDVA provide?

If you are required to go to court to give evidence, our Court IDVAs can undertake a pre-trial court visit with you to help you gain more of an understanding of what will happen on the day of the trial. They will also accompany you to court to provide support to you when you give evidence.

They will also:

  • Keep you updated about court dates, and court and bail application outcomes.
  • Assist you in applying for measures, such as screens or video links at court.
  • Work in partnership with the Witness Service to help keep you up-to-date with information on the progress of the court case.
  • Liaise with the Crown Prosecution Service to request a restraining order.
  • Keep you updated with results from plea hearings, trials and sentencing dates.
  • Provide you with ongoing support and safety planning.
  • Refer you to other specialist agencies for support, such as Domestic Abuse Outreach Services and Solicitors.
  • They can provide you with information and advice on civil processes, and put you in touch with solicitors and legal services.

How do I get a Court IDVA?

Our Court IDVA service is for all women and men across Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset who are attending the Specialist Domestic Violence Court as a victim.  

Any agency can refer you to our Court IDVA so that you have the support you need when going through the Criminal Justice System. 

For more information about this service, call our Customer Services Team on 01202 410500, or email

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