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Denley House

Denley House

Denley House in Bournemouth aims to provide a better quality of life for alcohol dependent adults. Our target group are alcohol dependent drinkers aged 55 years plus, who have many safeguarding issues. These are individuals who have self-neglected, which warrants a care package delivered via an external agency. Our aim is to reduce the need for safeguarding, by keeping the customer safe from homelessness, predators, themselves, reduce ambulance call outs and hospital admissions.

All customers are referred through social services, the Community Mental Health Team, Learning Development and street homeless services. Once we receive a social services assessment, we risk assess the potential customer then invite for an interview. A package of care is agreed and put in place by a social worker prior to the customer moving in.

We support customers to engage with health care professionals and other agencies. Support workers encourage reduction of alcohol intake, ensure the customers have a balanced diet and engage with their care packages. Most of our customers have medication, which is dispensed by the care provider. Our support staff monitor all care workers, ensuring that our customers get the best possible 24-hour care.

As most customers have progressed to a high support level in their addiction, the service is designed to give our customers a better quality of life in a safe long term stay environment. At times we provide individuals with a dignified end of life.

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