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Recovery Houses

BCHA’s Recovery Houses are part of the Mental Health Acute Care Pathway commissioned by Dorset Healthcare, following public consultation. They are closely linked with the Community Front Rooms and Retreats and offer an innovative approach to mental health support.

We have one house in Poole, which accommodates four guests and one house in Weymouth, which accommodates three guests, both for a maximum of two weeks.

The service is for adults only and is designed to:

  1. Reduce crisis presentations to emergency departments
  2. Reduce number of people in crisis being taken to emergency departments by ambulance
  3. Reduce use of Section 136 (police power under Mental Health Act (MHA))
  4. Reduce number of unplanned MHA assessments
  5. Reduce the MHA gravity generally and specifically for the local authority out of hours’ service

The houses are designed to support people who are heading towards crisis but do not warrant hospital treatment, yet do need additional support, as well as for individuals stepping down from hospital treatment.

The level of support depends on the level of need. Some individuals struggle to feed themselves and other basic needs of life. Other guests simply need some time out from their current surroundings. The support they receive is based on the following principles:

  • Person centred
  • Strength focused
  • Recovery orientated
  • Building resilience
  • Supportive of risk taking and risk sharing

Examples of support include:

  • Relationship support by helping people re-establish network of friends
  • Provide advice and support on avoiding or minimising risk behaviour
  • Provide emotional support and advice
  • Assisting guest to access other services

The service can only be accessed via a direct referral from the Home Treatment Teams and this requires an individual to reach their threshold for entry.

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