New skills: new opportunities

Helping young people to improve their chances

Research has found that people who become homeless at a young age are more likely to face long-term difficulties. It is also proven that youth unemployment is a contributing factor to youth homelessness, with over 935,000 young people nationally now classified as not in education, training or employment.

At BCHA we work hard to improve the outcomes for the young people staying in our accommodation. We recognise that some of the problems faced by our residents are low-skills, few qualifications and lack of readiness for employment. We therefore encourage all of our residents to engage in education or training, so as to ensure they have the tools they need to live independently.

How can BCHA help me?

We run lots of workshops and sessions about different topics – from cooking on a budget to improving writing skills. We can offer you the chance to get AQAs – formally recognised qualifications, which are great to help you improve your CV.

Our Learning and Work Team also offer a number of programmes specifically for young people, so can help you to work towards your goals. Take a look at the pages below to see what different programmes we offer:

National Citizen Service


Training Academy

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