Without hope, there is no determination

In June 2014 BCHA invited Jack Romero to become our ambassador, after hearing his story and learning of his determination to succeed despite the odds stacked against him. 

Jack, who led a rather turbulent life when after fleeing Lebanon, his war-torn country of birth at the age of 17, rose through adversity from sleeping rough on the streets of London, to owning his very own airline which was sold for £30 million.

BCHA hope that Jack’s story inspires many who come into contact with the organisation; to remind them that with hope and determination, along with the support of BCHA, everyone has the chance for a better life.

Jack Romero – A brief history

With little money, no grasp of the English language, and without a place to stay, Jack lived his first few years in England on the streets of London.

However, Jack had an undying dream of becoming a pilot. It was with this dream in mind that Jack took any job he could find, sometimes working as many as three at a time, in order to fund his passion and gain flying lessons. Yet this did not come cheap; two hours of flying lessons cost a week’s worth of wages and, unable to pay his rent, Jack was twice evicted from his lodgings and frequently forced to sleep rough.

But Jack persevered and banked the 700 hours of air time needed, gaining his private pilots licence in 1984. After working as an aerial photographer, Jack faced yet another setback as he was made redundant. With only a months-worth of rent left in his pocket, Jack realised his new dream, to set up his own airline, and invested that month’s rent into it. Whilst coming within weeks of being evicted and being declared bankrupt, Jack was able to gain an airline licence, offices and £6 million pound from investors to form British Mediterranean Airways. From then on Jack’s airline took off, and in 2010 Jack’s airline was sold for £30 million.

On becoming the new charity ambassador of BCHA, Jack Romero commented:

“With my personal background I feel I can truly relate to what many who come to the organisation are going through. The work that BCHA do is extremely important. Without support people in such situations can easily begin to lose hope. Without hope, there is no determination to achieve and that can lead to a very dark place. I am enormously passionate about the work of BCHA, delighted to become an ambassador and will be helping wherever possible.”

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