How your donation could help

With every donation you give someone hope

The following are just some of the typical things that we know make a difference to those we support. Everything listed, whether large or small, could make the difference in someone’s life that means they don’t give up hope; they keep striving to achieve and keep moving forward towards a safe, secure and independent life.

The only way we can fund these things is through the donations and support that we receive from our supporters.

£5 Hot meals for a homeless person

Homeless people don't have access to hot meals - something that everyone else takes for granted. This causes them to miss out on the nutrition, health benefits and warmth that come with a filling hot meal, especially in colder weather.

£25 Contribution towards a family day out/activity

The opportunity for a day out or meaningful activity will encourage an individual to socialise and become involved with their community, rather than becoming unnecessarily isolated because of their problems. This could include residents with children who struggle to find something to look forward to after having to move away from their family and friends as a result of domestic abuse.

£100 Move-on support

Homeless people moving into their own accommodation have limited funds to purchase all of the essential items they need, this may include furniture, kitchen equipment and bedding. This can help them to stay independent and can alleviate the mental health problems that can be suffered when people have to sleep and sit on the floor and in some cases don’t even have a kettle to make a cup of tea.

£500 Leadership, mentoring and teambuilding training for up to 10 people

We have access to various courses that can help our customers with practical training designed to increase self confidence, improve decision making, communication skills, problem solving and their ability to work with others - giving our customers the motivation, skills and confidence they need to get work. 

£15,000 - £20,000 SleepSafe emergency accommodation service

Our SleepSafe Campaign runs throughout the winter in partnership with local churches and businesses. Wind, rain and freezing temperatures are life threatening to those forced to sleep on the streets and SleepSafe helps people to escape the danger that rough sleeping poses to their mental and physical health. SleepSafe provides vital shelter, food and medical help, identifies support needs and facilitates engagement with statutory services to ensure people don’t spend another night on the streets. 

£25,000 Specialist Support Worker

Providing someone with a roof over their heads is only part of what we do. Without Support Workers to help people deal with the issues and vulnerabilities that brought them to us in the first place, and to help them learn new skills to overcome barriers, our customers will find it almost impossible to move their lives forward and become independent.

£50,000 Seed funding for Rent Deposit Scheme

Moving on from supported housing to living independently in the private sector can in some cases be impossible due to the costs of rent deposits and administration fees. This leaves vulnerable people at risk of becoming street homeless or blocking beds in supported housing needed by others. By providing a Rent Deposit Scheme we can ensure that people are able to move on when they are ready, thereby freeing up supported accommodation to those that need it.

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