Our mission and values

Our mission and values influence everything we do

We are driven by our values and are passionate about our mission.

Our mission

Our mission is to help people take control of their own lives. Wherever people feel vulnerable or stuck, we want to equip them to find a way forward by offering the highest standards of support for housing, health, learning and work - or any combination of these needs.

We want to be proactive and influential in local communities and national debates, to help eliminate homelessness and social exclusion.

As a multi-discipline third sector organisation, we want to continuously develop our services, resources and partnerships, to help bring together the housing, health and social care sectors - and so deliver an ever-improving quality of support to society's most in-need people.

We believe it is a task to be passionate about - and one that demands creativity in everything we do.

Our values drive everything we do

Personal Integrity: Honesty, openness, reliability, accountability and confidentiality.

The importance of every individual: Respect; caring for people; treating people as we would want to be treated; equal opportunities, valuing differences and working in a non-discriminatory way with all people; non judgemental; not exploitative; holistic in our approach.

Outstanding service to people: To honour and empower the people we serve. To create an environment where people can take control of their own lives. Offering choice wherever possible. Exceeding expectations.

The importance of working together: Being supportive and working as a team. Recognising that we achieve more when working in harmony both within the organisation and with our partners, than we can achieve by working on our own. Being flexible and creative in responding to needs.

Professional competence: Getting the basics right. To be highly regarded in our field. Maximum delegation. Empowerment and development of all staff. Giving best value. Offering quality services.

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