BCHA superstars who go the extra mile to transform lives were recognised at the annual Bchangemakers awards on 22 May. 

Over 250 colleagues came together for the prestigious Bchangemakers award ceremony to celebrate the outstanding colleagues who drive the development of a compassionate culture where our customers are at the heart of everything we do. 

Hosted by BCHA CEO, Lorraine Mealings, and Interim Head of Function, Lloyd Coates, the 2024 awards were hotly contested, with over 450 nominations across 11 categories. With an extra award added this year for a Silent Hero, the judges had their work cut out selecting the winners. 

BCHA’s CEO, Lorraine Mealings, said: “I was blown away by the amazing number of nominations we received this year. These nominations highlight the immense successes and passionate individuals driving our services. Each one of the nominees has made a significant impact on our customers and our teams - they all deserve huge congratulations. Our winners have demonstrated their inspiring dedication and commitment to making a positive change. They should be immensely proud of their achievements.”   

Here, we reveal the Bchangemakers champions who excelled at exhibiting BCHA’s values, helping us to be and to do better. 

And the 2024 winners are… 

Shining Star 


Winner: Daisy Blewitt (Homeless services, Plymouth) 

Colleagues said “Daisy makes my days brighter, she shines like an actual star! Daisy has a positive attitude even when things are tough, she will look for solutions and work through issues bit by bit in such a delightful way." 

Highly commended: Sasha Darvill (Customer Services) 

Inspiring Change 


Winner: Brian Morris, (Homeless Services, BCP) 

Colleagues said: Through co-production with our customers and staff, Brian ensures that their voices are heard and their needs are met at every step of the way. His dedication to inspiring change through renovation works has not only enhanced the physical appearance of our facilities but has also significantly elevated the overall customer experience 

Highly commended: Brian Morley (Plymouth Temporary Accommodation services) 

Nobel Newcomer 


Winner: Billie Curtis (Homeless services, Plymouth) 

Colleagues said: “Billie goes above and beyond for the customers that she supports and has achieved incredible outcomes such as applying for grants to help pay towards rent arrears and moving customers on from temporary accommodation. Billie builds great working relationships quickly and has had some amazing feedback, reflecting just how hard she works to achieve goals with our customers.” 

Highly commended: Mykel Hicks (Asset and Repairs) 

Silent Hero 


Winner: Mark Sager (Finance) 

Nominations championed Mark as "the epitome of a silent hero.” They said: “Nothing is too much trouble, even when asked silly questions that us mere mortals do not understand about finance. He has for years seemed to work consistently and reliably with humour in the background for each and every single department across BCHA. He wants to make sure that everyone is able to have the financial knowledge they need.” 

Valiant Volunteer 


Winner: Juliet Collings, University Retreat 

The team at the University Retreat said: “Juliet has brought a warm, compassionate and kind presence to the service, establishing meaningful connections with students and staff alike. She is an excellent listener and asks thought-provoking questions, while also holding the space for the visitors to feel safe.” 

Highly commended: V (BCP homeless services) 

Compassion Award 


Winner: Claudia Weaver (Domestic Abuse services, BCP) 

The team said: “All the customers look forward to seeing her on shift, always asking when she will be on duty. She can spend hours listening to someone that needs her, always with a smile and the right thing to say to give reassurance.” 

I Moved a Mountain 


Winner: Digital Services 

Even when the odds seemed stacked against the Digital Services Team, they pulled out all the stops to lead us on our digital transformation journey.  

Nominations said that having worked tirelessly and patiently, “colleagues now have confidence that BCHA has a credible technology offer, and that in the Digital Services Team they have access to a group of passionate colleagues who will do their utmost to help deliver for our customers and residents.” 

Champion of Inclusion 


Winner: Vicky Channing (Plymouth Business Manager) 

Colleagues talked of how Vicky “is always striving to find new and innovative ways to reach the most marginalised people in our society. Vicky will go above and beyond to ensure individuals are treated fairly and have equal opportunities. She advocates for her teams creating an environment built on trust and easily makes others feel comfortable in her presence.” 

Highly commended: Matilda Heath (Communications) 

Community Connection 


Winner: Marie Ward (Domestic Abuse services, BCP) 

Marie Ward, was applauded for setting up a drop-in service for male survivors of domestic abuse. Her colleagues said: “She has gone out to other support services to promote the drop-in, which has helped strengthen links and promote domestic abuse support in the community. There is a huge gap for support of male survivors, and Marie has filled this with her drop in. Ensuring all survivors of DA, no matter their gender, get support.” 

Highly commended: Amy Maloney (Head of Mental Health Transformation Programme) 

Motivational Leader 


Winner: Amanda Rocha (Service Lead for Young People Services, BCP) 

Winner, Amanda Rocha, was highly praised by her team for having a “we can attitude” and being “compassionate, motivational, inspiring and patient.” They said: “Mandy is always available for advice and support. She has a wealth of knowledge in our industry, and is always willing to share this, and help us to problem solve issues.” 

Tremendous Team 


Winner: St Pauls 

Our champion, St Pauls, has seen a lot of changes in the past 12 months and despite facing challenging circumstances the team “embodies the spirit of teamwork and collaboration, working seamlessly together to provide holistic care and support to our customers. Their collective efforts have led to numerous success stories, with individuals transitioning out of homelessness and onto a path of independence.”  

Highly commended: BCHA Learn 

For more information about the Bchangemakers Awards 2024, please email communications@bcha.org.uk or visit www.bcha.org.uk. 

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