We are excited to introduce our new Five-Year Strategic Plan, designed in collaboration with our customers, colleagues, and partners.

This plan reinforces our commitment to addressing homelessness and providing comprehensive support for those with complex social needs in our community.

Through this roadmap, we aim to expand our services and strengthen community ties, ensuring sustainable growth and continued support for all.

Our CEO, Lorraine Mealings, launches our new Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan on a Page

What we will look like in five years’ time

We want to achieve so much over the next five years in collaboration with our customers, colleagues and partners. With the dedication of everyone involved, we can confidently say this is what BCHA will look like in 2029:

  • We will be focused on our core landlord responsibilities, in line with regulatory and customer expectations
  • We will be bigger, both in terms of the good quality property assets we manage and in the scale of support services we deliver
  • We will be regarded locally as an employer of choice
  • Our customers will shape what we do and how we do it
  • We will have a clear measure of what good looks like and consistently deliver to that
  • We will be a modern and agile organisation in the way we work and the spaces we use
  • Our strong finances will allow us to direct funds back into supporting our customers

Our Strategic Priorities

The following five priorities will be the focus of our energies over the next five years. Each one cannot be achieved without reference to the other four.


What we do is centred on supporting people
Our ambition is that our customers value the service they receive and work with us to continually improve what we do.

Our colleagues are our most valued asset
Our ambition is that our colleagues are proud to work for BCHA and feel they make a difference for our customers.

Our homes are places we would choose to live
Our ambition is that our customers live in safe, affordable and well-maintained homes and receive the services they need to best enjoy them.

Developing new homes and services for our customers
Our ambition is to be a key local partner developing new homes and services to meet locally identified needs.

Better ways of working make us a strong and resilient organisation
Our ambition is to collaborate and serve our customers well with the right technology, data, resources and workplaces.

Our Values

Our culture is underpinned by a set of Values:

We are passionate: Committed to giving everyone an opportunity and courageously advocating for our customers

We are person-centred: Driven to achieve the best with and for people

We are purposeful: Setting clear standards for quality and working together to achieve more

We are inclusive: Embracing diversity and establishing an inclusive environment for all 

As a people organisation, we are committed to high levels of safety and safeguarding vigilance across our teams. This commitment is implicit in our values.

Our Partners