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Report A Repair

How to report a repair

If we are responsible for carrying out a repair, you need to let us know that there is a problem as soon as possible, to avoid it getting any worse.

When reporting the repair to us, we will need to know as much information as possible, including:

  • What needs repairing and what is wrong with it
  • Where it is in your home
  • Whether there is anyone who is elderly, disabled, has a serious illness or any children under the age of five living in your home.

Please click here to refer to our Repairs and Maintenance Handbook. This will help you to identify and collect as much information about the repair as possible before letting us know about it.

Ways to report a repair

There are many ways you can report a repair:

Call: 0300 1234 001

This is a 24-hour helpline which operates seven days a week. If your repair is an emergency or of a critical nature, you must report it by calling this number.

Calls from a landline are free, but calls from a mobile will be charged.


Please note that emails and forms completed online are only picked up during office hours, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm. If your repair is an emergency or of a critical nature, it is important that you phone 0300 1234 001.

Once the repair has been reported, New Leaf Repairs will arrange for a member of their maintenance team to attend and repair the problem.

You should not arrange for your own contractors to do any repairs without contacting us to try and resolve the problem first. We will not pay the bill if you do this.