When you contact us to carry out a repair on your home, it will be categorised based on priority. We will carry out repairs to your home as quickly as possible but we have to carry out the most urgent repairs first. 


These are repairs that present an immediate risk to safety, security or health and will severely damage the property if they are not dealt with promptly.   

We aim to attend within 4 hours to make safe, and complete full repairs within 24 hours. If it is reported out of hours, and depending on the nature of the repairs, we may only make safe and return to complete the work on the next working day. 

Examples of emergency repairs include: 

  • Explosions, such as boilers or heaters 
  • Flooding, such as a burst water pipe 
  • Total loss of electricity or water 
  • Broken lifts
  • If you are registered disabled or have a child under 5 with a complete loss of heating or hot water 
  • Faulty main entrance door or windows that mean the property is insecure


These are repairs which need to be carried out quickly but do not pose an immediate risk to your safety or the structure of the building.  We aim to complete an urgent repair within 5 working days of you notifying us.  

Examples of urgent repairs include:  

  • Failure of lighting in the communal areas
  • Minor electrical faults (which are significant but not life threatening)
  • Heating failure (which is significant but will not affect your health)  
  • Glazing - where there is no risk to your security 
  • Minor roof leaks
  • The toilet is not flushing
  • Loose sanitary fittings to bath, sinks and toilet pans 
  • Extractor fan problems


These are repairs which do not cause serious inconvenience to you or damage to the property. We aim to complete these repairs within 21 working days. 

Examples of routine repairs include: 

  • Plastering repairs
  • Broken seals around baths, basins and sinks (except where causing significant damage) 
  • Damage to window seals, handles, locks etc. (where there is no risk to safety)
  • Carpentry repairs such as floors, skirting, and door
  • Painting
  • Ceramic tiling
  • Kitchen unit repairs
  • Fences, gates and boundary wall repairs
  • Repairing and cleaning out gutters and downpipes
  • Repairs to external walls
  • Minor plumbing works and tap replacements 
  • Minor roof repairs 
  • Faults to door entry systems 
  • Leaking cisterns and plumbing overflows 
  • Minor leaks, blocked drains and pipes

Sometimes we will need to inspect your home before the work can be booked; in these cases, a surveyor will contact you to arrange to visit. 

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