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How quickly are repairs done?

When you report a repair to New Leaf Repairs, our call handlers will ask you a number of questions to help us to determine the urgency of the repair, and the timeframe in which it will be completed.

We will endeavour to always meet the timescales below, however, in some circumstances parts will need to be ordered. This will mean a second visit will be needed to complete your repair.

We have four categories of repairs: Emergency, Critical, Urgent and Routine.

Emergency repairs - 4 hours

If your repair problem is likely to cause harm to you, or damage to your home, we will treat the repair as an emergency and send an operative to try and complete the repair within four hours.

Emergency repairs include:

  • Explosions, e.g. boilers or heaters.
  • Flooding, e.g. burst water pipes.
  • Total loss of water.
  • Gas leaks.
  • Serious electrical faults.
  • No light or power.
  • If you are locked out or have lost your keys (you may be charged for this).
  • The collapse of external or internal structural parts of the building, for example, ceilings. This does not include boundary fences or walls unless they are causing danger.
  • Broken outside doors and windows which mean the property is insecure.

Critical repairs - 24 hours

If we class your repair as critical, we’ll visit you within 24 hours.

Critical repairs include:

  • Electrical problems following a flood.
  • Blocked drains or toilet (when there is no other toilet available).
  • No mains water supply (including when the pipes have frozen).
  • No heating or hot water.
  • Serious leaking from the roof.
  • Faulty main entrance door or another security risk.

Urgent repairs - 5 working days

We will usually schedule an urgent repair within five working days of you notifying us.

Urgent repairs include:

  • Failure of lighting in communal areas.
  • Minor electrical faults (which are significant but not life threatening).
  • Minor plumbing faults, including leaks from the waste pipes of the toilet, sink and bath.
  • Heating failure (which is significant but not life threatening).
  • Blocked sinks.
  • Glazing – where there is no risk to your security.
  • Minor roof leaks.
  • The toilet is not flushing.
  • Loose sanitary fittings to baths, sinks and toilet pans.
  • Extractor fan problems.
  • Faults with electrical door bell or entry phone.

Routine repairs - 21 working days

Routine repairs will usually be completed within 21 working days of you reporting them.

Routine repairs include:

  • Damage to property.
  • Plastering repairs.
  • Broken seals around baths, basins and sinks (except where causing significant damage).
  • Damage to window seals, handles, locks etc (where there is no risk to safety).
  • Carpentry repairs to rotten timber, such as floors, skirting, door lining and doors.
  • Painting.
  • Ceramic tiling.
  • Kitchen unit repairs.
  • Fences, gates and boundary wall repairs.
  • Repairing and cleaning out gutters and downpipes.
  • Damp and mould.