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Being a good neighbour

You have a right to live in your home without being disturbed by others. In the same way, your neighbours enjoy the same right. There are a number of ways that you can play your part in making your neighbourhood a good place to live:

  • Rubbish: Dispose of your household rubbish properly - using the bins as directed by the council. Ring up your local council to arrange for them to remove any large unwanted items (there may be a charge).                            
  • Pets: If you want to get a pet, then you will need to get permission from us in writing first. If you get permission, it is then your duty to ensure that your pet does not cause a nuisance or health hazard.                                               
  • Running a business from home: You will need to get written permission from BCHA and the council.        
  • Parking: You must avoid parking on footpaths, grassed areas, access routes or anywhere else which may be inconvenient to others.                                                                                                        
  • Abandoned vehicles: If you have a vehicle that needs disposing of, look online for local car-breakers.
  • Private gardens: If you have a garden that is for your use only, you must keep it in a tidy condition and free from rubbish. If you want to put up a shed, you must get permission from us in writing first.  
  • Noise and nuisance: Please try to be considerate to neighbours and keep the noise reasonable when you watch TV, play music, have visitors round or if you’re doing DIY (especially at night).
  • Communal areas: Where you share hallways, stairwells and common rooms with other residents, please make an effort to keep these tidy and free from obstructions. If you share a common entranceway with other residents, please do not let strangers in without checking who they are.