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Service Charges

A service charge is an extra charge you need to pay to BCHA if we provide other services to you. This cost will be in addition to the rent you pay. These services could include:

  • Cleaning and gardening of communal areas
  • Communal heating and hot water
  • Repairs in communal areas
  • Porters, wardens and caretakers
  • Passenger and goods lifts

How to find out more about your service charge

Your tenancy agreement lists what you pay us your service charge for. We review the cost of your service charge every year when we review your rent. Then when we tell you about the cost of your rent for the year, we will also let you know how much your service charge will be, and how we established that figure.

Setting the service charge

When we review the service charges every March, we have to make sure we don’t make a profit or loss when providing our services to you.

When setting service charges we aim to:

  • Treat all tenants fairly by setting the charges according to actual costs
  • Use service charges to get back the cost of the services we provide, without making a loss or any profit     
  • Provide high-quality services to you
  • Give you value for money
  • Act in your best interests
  • Take your views into account

We will always consult you about any major works to buildings or estates, and providing extra services or changing the services we provide to you. We also want your views on the quality of our services and whether you believe they provide value for money. We’ll contact you through meetings, tenant committees, letters or questionnaires throughout the year.