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Business & Performance

Being transparent in all we do...

Value For Money

Achieving value for money is a key objective for any business, no less so for organisations with a social mission such as BCHA.

Each year we publish a Value for Money Statement for our stakeholders - residents, lenders, commissioners, local authorities and other statutory partners and regulators. These statements aim to illustrate our continuing journey to delivering value for money across all areas of our activity within the context of our Business Plan.

Value for Money Statement 2020/21

Monthly Performance Reports

We aim to provide a great service to all our customers. In order for us to monitor the quality of the services we provide, we have a robust framework of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) in place which get reported on each month. The key areas we monitor include the level of rent arrears - ensuring we collect rent effectively, our re-let times - ensuring we let our properties in a timely way and we monitor how satisfied our customers are with BCHA.

We also use our results to benchmark with other similar organisations, so as we can proactively identify areas for improvement and learn from others. Housemark have developed a benchmarking dashboard. This allows us to easily see how we are performing, in terms of value for money, against a range of services. 

Our 2020–2025 Business Plan

We want to be a strong and influential organisation, committed to developing innovation and delivering outstanding service.

Below you can view and download our five-year plan, detailing how we propose to achieve this.

2020-2025 Business Plan

2020-2025 Business Plan summary


Housing Ombudsman Complaint Handling Code - BCHA self assessment

In July 2020, the Housing Ombudsman published a new Complaint Handling code, which sets out good practice to allow landlords to respond to complaints effectively and fairly.

Landlords have been asked to self-assess against the Code by 31 December 2020 and to publish the results. BCHA has completed its self assessment and you can read the results here on our website. We will be completing the outstanding actions before end of January 2021. 




In 2010, BCHA formally adopted the National Housing Federation's Code of Governance and is working to the latest edition (2020).   You can download the new Code here which we will report against from 2021/22.

This is our Annual Governance Statement and this is our Governance Framework document

You can also read our Self-Assessment against Adopted Code of Governance. If you have any queries about this, please address these to our Company Secretary.

Our Shareholding Membership Policy

If you have an interest in BCHA's work, you can become a shareholding member and will be entitled to vote at our Annual General Meeting. Becoming a shareholder costs £1.

Click here to read our Shareholding Membership Policy.

Applications for shareholding membership, or membership of the Board, may be made in writing, either by letter sent to our Head Office address, or by email. Further information and the BCHA Rules are available from the Company Secretary.

Financial Inclusion Strategy

Our Financial Inclusion Strategy and Action Plan aims to ensure financial inclusion becomes a central part of BCHA housing teams, support services and our learning and works team.

Personal Data Exchange Agreement

The latest Personal Data Exchange Agreement is now published on the Bournemouth & Poole Safeguarding Adults Board website.  

The Personal Iinformation Sharing Agreement (PISA) is concerned with Safeguarding and the specific information that needs to be shared in order to promote safeguarding. This PISA is between members of Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole Adult Safeguarding Boards and BCHA is signed up to the DorsetOverarching Information Sharing Protocol.


BCHA is committed to being accountable to its stakeholders by publishing a range of business documentation on our website.   Whilst some of this information is accessible from elsewhere on this page, you can see the full list of what we have published in the Schedule here.